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We live in the era of technology, where you need to act fast and stay updated if you want to make the difference in your business area. When you are a business owner, keeping the budget and investing in the right features for your business is always a difficult task. On top of that, whether your business is small or medium-sized, being all the time available for your clients and keeping everything organized is vital. This is the moment where the online reservation system should come on stage and do its magic in helping you organize your activity, save clients’ time, everything packed in an affordable price.

5 Reasons why you need an online reservation system


Many potential clients surf the internet while they are in the subway, during lunch breaks or late at night when their kids have fallen asleep. Most of those who have found your website forget to call back or send a message the next day to make a reservation for your services. Now, with just a simple click they will be able to make a reservation through your website, 24 hours a day, all year round, due to the fact that your appointment scheduling system will be always at their disposal.


Could you wish for more than keeping your clients happy? With this online booking system, your clients will be able to book directly your services online and then automatically receive a confirmation for their reservation. This means that there is no room for errors or unsatisfied clients.


Forget about manually inserting your bookings! Let our software do the job for you and keep an organized track of your reservations without errors like double booking or time wasted for asking the client more information. The reservation management system allows you to cut down on the time spent on the phone.


All the data inserted by your customers while they are doing the online booking will be automatically organized and so you will have just one system from where you will be able to access your previous clients’ data. The clients’ database is the most valuable asset in a business and so you will be able to use it to market yourself more efficiently.


Our reservation system was designed to be very clear and user-friendly. Every time a client makes a reservation, your schedule and availability will be updated automatically. Therefore, you will have a clear overview over the following period and coordinate your activities accordingly.
I just want the subscription, I will do all the configuration myself.

Any type of business – ONE SOFTWARE

It doesn’t matter what type of business area you are in as long as your activity accepts bookings. You can own a beauty salon as well as a consultancy boutique, the reservation system will be efficient in both cases because it was created to adapt to your needs and make your and your clients’ lives easier.

Do I need IT knowledge to make it work?

Not at all! Our team of experts will take care of installing the software and configure it according to your business profile. We have designed this reservations system to be user-friendly not only for your clients, but also for you. So you will be able to understand how it works just as soon as we finish the installation. Now with just one tool, you can forget about your bookings made on the paper or wasting time by requesting more information about your clients and manually create databases with your customers’ details. This software was created to be easily used by YOU, the business owner who doesn’t have too much time to learn IT secrets!

SMALL investment – HUGE benefits

With ONLY CHF 250 , you will have the software configured according to your business profile and needs. Reservation System increases leads and reduces costs. We have created this program with the main purpose to make your life easier and organize your activity with a low-cost investment.

Do I have any additional costs?

You will be able to step ahead of your competition and provide a fast and convenient reservation system to your clients with the minimum possible monthly cost: 9.90 CHF. For the basic package of 9.90 CHF, you will receive as a bonus some additional features such as:
  • CRM
  • Calendar
  • WebConnector for forms
We can customize even more your reservation system upon request with additional features for marketing and invoicing, offering you amazingly affordable price packages. Contact us for more details!
I just want the subscription, I will do all the configuration myself.

Take the decision NOW and choose a strong and flexible solution which will change your business processes once and for all!

GET YOUR RESERVATION SYSTEM NOW I just want the subscription, I will do all the configuration myself.